IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that some accreditations shown below may only apply to enhanced job specifications.

Window General Performance Scheme certifying PVCU Windows to BS7412. This specification covers the construction of the window, safety operation, weather performance and strength performance, including initial type testing to requirements of BS6375. This provides assurance that the windows installed on site meet the same high standards as those tested and therefore offer the same performance criteria.

Enhanced Security Window Scheme for Casement and Tilt/Turn windows
A fundamental performance characteristic of a window is its ability to resist forced entry. This scheme supports the testing requirements for Secured by Design (see below) and certification to the enhanced security windows scheme means that products meet stringent security standards and are manufactured to a consistent quality.

Enhanced Security Door Scheme for Single & Double Doorsets
This standard covers the security testing and performance of residential doors and provides reassurance that your doors are consistently manufactured to a high quality that will satisfy Secured by Design standards. As with the windows this scheme supports the testing requirements for Secured By Design and confirms that the doors meet stringent security standards and are manufactured to a consistent quality.

Secured By Design for Doors & Windows
Secured by Design (SBD) member company status is awarded to companies producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police service. The standards and related tests demonstrate the products effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, usually by resistance to physical attack.

SBD is the UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications. Secured by Design supports one of the Government’s key planning objectives – the creation of secure, quality places where people wish to live and work.

Window Energy Rating Scheme
This standard allows manufacturers to apply to use the energy rating label on their products. Conventional approaches (such as setting a glass or window U-value) simply assess how much energy a window loses. They do not take into account how much energy a window can gain. The total energy flow in a window consists of three major components – Thermal transmittance (U-value), Solar factor (g-value) and Air Leakage (L50).

The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) has devised a Window Rating equation based on values for these components. The rating is expressed as a number. The rating is converted into a grade between A and G (with A being the most energy efficient).

Document Q – Security – Dwellings
The Approved Building Regulations, Document Q states that all new build properties must have windows and doors that have been tested to meet PAS24:12 or Secured By Design standards.

Relating to the security requirements for windows and doors in new build homes, the guidelines state that: “Reasonable provision must be made to resist unauthorised access to (a) any dwelling; and (b) any part of the building from which access can be gained to a flat within the building. All windows and doorsets must be manufactured and been shown by test to meet the security requirements of PAS24:2012 or achieved Secured By Design status.”

CE Marking
CE Marking is a declaration that a product meets the performance characteristics of the required standards for each industry under EU law.

From 1st July 2013 it becomes a legal requirement for all windows and doors brought to market in the UK will need to prove that they have been manufactured to the performance characteristics required by the Construction Product Regulations and will need to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance that shows how the product conforms to this legislation.

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